There are lots of good ways to help support Accession. You can:

  1. Share the show with everyone you know! This includes posting about the show on social media, emailing it out to your art history class, or telling your local librarian! We find the easiest way to make sure people find the show is to send them right here to

  2. Write a review of the show on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser.

  3. Make a recurring monthly financial pledge over on Patreon. Patreon is a platform for people like you to help support creators like me.

  4. Support the IndieGoGo campaign for season two, Accession: Homeward, with either a financial donation or by telling others about the campaign.

  5. Give a one time financial donation, like a tip. If you really like an episode of a show, through us a dollar and let us know that it brightened your day. You can do that right here through this button!

Tip Jar

If you support the show in any of the ways listed above, you are a Medici, someone dedicated to the continuation of Accession. You get:

  1. A shoutout on the social media of their choice. (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook)

  2. Access to the supporter only behind the scenes Accession Instagram Feed.

  3. Access to supporter only channels on the Discord.

  4. Their name and a link to their project of choice on this page bellow.

Do you think that you’ve done something to support the show? Email me with the subject line “I’m a Medici” and a screen cap of what you’ve done, and I’ll make sure you get your perks!

Papal Tier Patrons

Charles Gustine (Host of Iconography)
Kristin Tallis


Tamar Avishai (Host of The Lonely Palette)
Allister Mills
Calen Cross
V Silverman (Host of Fuzzy Logic)
Leslie Gideon (Host of Sideline Tackle)
Buddy Duquesne (Host of Those Happy Places)
Alice White (Host of Those Happy Places)
Sadie Mae (Podcast Critic at Podcast Love Club)
Abby G
John Emrys van Maren
Casey Dawson
Marcie Pintzuk

Homeward IndieGoGo Supporters

Anne Baird
Gavin Gadis
Laura Peterson
Michael Peterson
Katie Youmans
Chevalier Family


Social Media Heroes