T.H. Ponders

T.H. Ponders (or Ponders for short) (he/him) is a podcaster, writer of poetry, essay, criticism, fiction, as well as a  mathematician, dancer, musicologist, composer, performer, web designer, art museum enthusiast, amateur F. Scott Fitzgerald biographer, Homeric translator, and board game hobbyist. 

Ponders visit's museums, finds interesting stories, researches, writes, records, edits and produces Accession. 




V Silverman

V Silverman (they/them) is a nonbinary graphic artist and podcast enthusiast with a background in biology and drama. A Nice Jewish Queer from Asheville, NC, in their spare time V manages the fortnightly podcast Fuzzy Logic, plays D&D, and peddles flowery anti-oppression stickers to nice folks like you.

V designed the show art and logo for Accession, and made additional art for 9: Changing Landscapes.




Casey Dawson

Casey Dawson (he/him) is a recording engineer at the Wachusett Recording Company in Princeton, MA. As a session player, producer and arranger, he collaborates with bands, songwriters and artists of all kinds to help them achieve the highest quality in their recordings. If you’re working on a creative project, reach out.

Casey recorded, edited, and produced the theme music for Accession. 



Amanda 5.jpg

Amanda Borglund

Amanda Borglund (she/her) is a current graduate student of NYU's online counseling program. She enjoys many hobbies and pastimes, such as sewing, writing, reading, and cross stitching. She also creates handmade dice bags! If you'd like to request a custom order, please find her Etsy Shop, DnDnDBags, or her Facebook page, Dungeons and Dragons and Dice Bags.

Amanda transcribes the episodes of Accession, turning the scripts into transcripts. She was also the voice of Manauia in 6: The Brother's Game.




Charles Gustine

Charles Gustine (he/him) appeared as the voice actor of Stanley Kubrick in 10: Moon Museum.



Show Art copy.jpg

Clayton Heidbreder

Clayton Heidbreder (he/him) appeared as the voice actor of Mecatl in 6: The Brother's Game.

Show Art.jpg

Courtney Swenson

Courtney Swanson (she/her) appeared as the voice actor of Nelli in 6: The Brother's Game.

Show Art copy.jpg

Adam Ugrinow

Adam Ugrinow (he/him) appeared as the voice actor of Cualli in 6: The Brother's Game.